Twin Pump System Features

Freewater UK have developed their own intelligent software programmable microprocesser, "Microrain", which supports features unique to Freewater UK. Microrain has a 32-character LCD display. Default display shows tank level/system pressure, integrated programme to auto test run system components and display system error messages in clear word format, see features.

Freewater UK in-house components are pre-mounted, wired and plumbed onto a back plate assembly. Installation requires, on/off electrical spur switch for mains cable, 22mm Mains water connection to mains water solenoid valve, pump female sockets ready fitted at back plate, pumps have electrical male sockets fitted, simply plug them in.

Unique Features, R I M "Remote Integrated Measurement" (Wireless Technology)
Through conversion of weight of water hanging in delivery pipe, from one way check valve at in-plant room back plate through delivery pipe to in-tank pump floating extraction hoses, I R M enables tank level display in %, recognises and maintains minimum tank level using mains water in times of no available rainwater.

"Microrain" Microprocessor Features:

  • 32 character LCD display, two line clear word format
  • Default display, tank level system pressure
  • Pressure/flow sensors, alternate pumps on start up, switch both pumps on at high demand (no moving parts)
  • I R M tank level display in %
  • R I M auto maintenance of minimum tank level with mains water
  • Auto test run system components every 30 days
  • Ability to manually test run system components
  • Pump run dry protection, shuts system down to protect pumps
  • Leak at toilet ball cocks, taps, etc., error message
  • In-building pipe break, shuts down system
  • B M S alarm signal facility (Main board)
Rainwater Harvesting - Rainman Twin Pump backplate

Back Plate


  1. Mains water supply
  2. Mains water solenoid valve, tank top up
  3. Mains water pipe to service duct
  4. Rainwater connection to toilets, washing machine and outside tap
  5. Pressure/Flow device (no moving parts)
  6. Rainwater supply pipe from pump to pressure / flow device
  7. Microprocessor unit, LCD 32 chr display
  8. Mains electrical connection
  9. 'RIM' Remote Integrated Measurement Device