Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

The tank is manufactured from virgin low density polyethylene, made in one piece and therefore completely water tight. It is photo resistant, U V-stable and of high form stability, the used raw-material is completely recyclable.


Type: GET 6.5
Useful Volume: 6,500ltr
Length: 2300mm
Width: 2100mm
Height: 2500mm
Diameter of connections: 100mm
Weight: 270kg
Free entry: 600mm
Push fit connections 110mm
Filter Type: Type ZF built in filter sprayer
Lifting eyes - A: x 2

Manufacturers material warranty of 15 years applies if handling and installation is carried out in accordance with these instructions.

Rainwater Harvesting - Tank Dimensions

Installation Instructions

Rainwater Harvesting - tank installationAdhere to all necessary Health & Safety requirements.

The excavation must not be made in a depression to prevent ingress of water.

If the proposed tank location is in a high water table area it may be necessary to use reinforced concrete around the tank. You must take professional advice from a structural engineer to ensure there is no possibility of the tank buoying upwards and being deformed..

Similarly with a hillside location, seek professional advice as to whether a retaining wall is necessary.

Embedding the Buried Tank

Lower the tank carefully into the excavation onto a 15cm bed of sand. Fill the tank 2/3 with water, backfill around the tank with sand in layers of 30cm and compact each layer by hand. Ensure the tank is evenly hand compacted on all sides.

Fill the tank with water to the overflow level and continue to back fill with sand and hand compact to the overflow level.

Make the push fit tank connections with 100mm (water tight) pipe-work. Place the telescopic tank dome onto the tank. The tank is ventilated between the dome access and lid. Fill the excavation to finished levels with topsoil. The access lid must be screwed in place to prevent unauthorised access.