Air to Water Heat Pumps

The Greensource Air to Water Heat Pump Series


How air to water heat pumps distribute heatAdvanced renewable energy technology from Worcester that's helping to point the way to a greener and more sustainable future.
As part of the Bosch group, Worcester is committed to environmental protection. Product development is prioritised in the interests of the safety of people, the economical use of resources and environmental sustainability.
In just a few short years, the nature and technology of Britain's domestic heating and hot water systems industry have changed dramatically. Faced with the harsh reality of all the facts, such change has been not only inevitable but crucial.
Recent statistics revealed that approximately 25% of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions were produced by home energy consumption, 75% of this is for the provision of heating and hot water.
In April 2005, the Building Regulations effectively decreed that high-efficiency, low-emissions condensing boilers were a significant first step in the massive challenges presented by global warming and climate change.
Since then words and expressions such as renewable energy, sustainable technology and carbon footprint have become part of everyday conversation and have been fuelled by extreme weather and stark television images of melting polar ice sheets.
Hence the many reasons why Worcester, Bosch Group has taken the lead in finding and developing heating and hot water solutions which reduce the impact on the environment by reducing harmful CO2 emissions, while continuing to satisfy the daily demand for domestic heating and hot water comfort - not only for today, but well into the future.
With this in mind, Worcester is proud to offer a range of G3 compliant air to water heat pumps which allows the consumer to take advantage of renewable and sustainable energy.
As well as being fuelled by the free and inexhaustible supply of latent energy, Worcester air source heat pumps offer additional advantages such as relatively simple and cost- effective installation, suitability for a wide variety of property types and sizes and, at a time when fuel costs are rising, the chance to help your customers reduce their heating and hot water bills.
The appliance is dispatched complete with comprehensive installation, maintenance and user instructions.

How air to water heat pumps distribute heat